Private Tai Chi Lessons in New York

tai chi ray new yorkDuring my career as a licensed Investment banker, I was amazed by a variety of needs and the creative solutions generated to meet the demands. When being trained as a Certified Personal Trainer, Senior Fitness Specialist, and Corrective Exercise Specialist, I deeply realized the impossibility to find two people having the same body-mind conditions. Diversity makes the world beautiful. I am here to make my Tai Chi teaching friendly for all walks of life. In the program, I endeavor to understand your needs and your body-mind conditions. I strive to tailor a study program to address your concerns. This personalized program will concentrate the essence of years of my practice and teaching experience combining the holistic view through the lens of Tai Chi, Qigong, Chinese medicine, and Eastern philosophy. Your smile is my best reward. I am experienced in working with clients with tricky body situations, such as Parkinson’s diseases, stroke recovery, fibromyalgia, etc..

Here are what my clients have said…

“One of Raymond’s greatest strengths as a teacher is his ability to listen to and hear what his student is saying. His responses are tailored to the student’s physical ability and his or her capacity for understanding while staying true to the philosophical fundamentals and practice of Tai Chi.”Anita C., Writer and Editor, New York

“His calm, gentle manner is contagious allowing the Tai Chi lesson to leave me with a deep sense of peace…”Ellen S., Hospice Registered Nurse, New York

“There is joy in teaching a healing practice. And Ray has that joy.”Christine J, New York

“He is a natural teacher and a generous person as well as a dedicated and adept practitioner of Tai Chi…”James M., AAPT – CPT, NASM – CPT, CES, MMACS, WFS

“I have been studying and practicing Tai Chi with Raymond Li for more than a year, and I can honestly say that the experience has been life changing… In the past year, I experienced the health benefits of improving my balance and lowering my blood pressure…”Irene F., Director of Business Development, New York

“Raymond Li is an accomplished Tai Chi practitioner with a big heart and boundless creativity. His instruction is helping me deal with some tricky medical problems. I feel so much better since working with him”Janet C., Editor, New York

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