Interested in Tai Chi? Take a Beginner's Class with Ray!

tai chi rayNew Yorkers are the luckiest people in the world. We surround ourselves with smart devices and other modern conveniences and live in great comfort.

Despite the technology advancement, the separation between our body and mind widens. Prolonged sitting in front of a computer or a smartphone causes us body pain and loss of mindfulness. Lack of quality sleep and exercise makes the younger generation more vulnerable to fatal and chronic diseases.

Why we got everything but we are not satisfied? Why are we still chasing after things we believe will bring us happiness but never do? What is the remedy?

I had similar struggles. After years of searching, old school Tai Chi study is my answer to address the problems of body-mind that cannot be solved by any amount of scientific progress or material comfort. Unlike the current copy-your-instructor exercise modality, studying Tai Chi in a traditional way is a self-discovery process and a reminder to what you have known deep inside you. It is an art that creates a profound and uplifting unity of body and mind.

The class aims at creating a supportive environment for you to communicate with your body and mind by following the core principles of Tai Chi. You will experience Tai Chi’s healing power. Also, the class will help you form good habits and integrate Tai Chi into every moment of your life. The class emphasizes static and simple dynamic balance and body-mind reconnection to improve overall wellness, avoid injuries, and achieve well-being.

The maximum number of participants is seven, in order to ensure that everyone receives sufficient attention to get optimal benefit from the practice.

I am looking forward to experiencing the joy of Tai Chi study with all of you.

May Tai Chi become a rewarding aspect of your life!

Please dress comfortably

We will practice without shoes. Please feel free to be barefoot or wear socks.

For more information, please contact me through email.

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