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New Yorkers are among the luckiest people in the world. We are surrounded by smart devices and modern conveniences, living in great comfort. 

Despite technological advancements, the gap between our bodies and minds continues to widen. Prolonged sitting in front of computers or smartphones leads to physical discomfort and a loss of mindfulness. Lack of quality sleep and exercise also increases our vulnerability to fatal and chronic diseases.

Why do we have everything, but still feel unsatisfied? Why do we continuously chase after things that we believe will bring happiness, but never do? What is the remedy? 

I once faced similar struggles. After years of searching, I found that studying traditional Tai Chi was the answer to addressing the separation between the body and mind, which cannot be solved by material gains. Unlike the current copy-the-instructor exercise approach, studying Tai Chi in a traditional way is a self-discovery process and a reminder of what you already have deep within you. It is an art that creates a profound and uplifting unity between the body and mind. 

The class aims to create a supportive environment for you to connect with your body and mind by following the core principles of Tai Chi. You will experience the healing power of Tai Chi and learn to incorporate it into every aspect of your life. The focus will be on improving static and dynamic balance, as well as reestablishing a connection between the body and mind, to enhance overall wellness, prevent injury, and achieve a sense of well-being.

To ensure that each participant receives adequate attention, the class is limited to a small number of participants.

I look forward to sharing the joy of Tai Chi study with you all. May Tai Chi bring fulfillment to your life.

Please wear comfortable clothing. Shoes are not necessary for practice, so feel free to practice barefoot or wear socks.

For more information, please contact me through email.

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