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Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice that restores our well-being and is an all-natural
remedy for many problems caused by our modern lifestyle. It is performed slowly and
gently, with a high degree of concentration and attention to breathing deeply.

Research suggests that Tai Chi has many therapeutic benefits such as:

How is your teaching different from the others? How would it benefit me?

My teaching method is different from others as I view learning Tai Chi like learning a new language. My method follows the old-school way of teaching, starting with reconnecting with our body parts (the alphabet), integrating basic Tai Chi dynamics (the grammar), and working on basic Tai Chi movements (sentences).

Through 4 years of sharing Tai Chi in Manhattan, I have tailored Tai Chi study into a pleasant and gradual learning experience for Americans. I will show you that Tai Chi is enjoyable to learn, easy to practice, and principles that can be incorporated into your daily life.